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The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

For a long time, the conventional path was to go straight from school to university and then into the next 40 or so years of working.

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Cool Part-Time Jobs in Australia to Try While in University

Studying at university is taxing, especially if you’re a diligent student and want to get good grades.

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Can We Predict Life After University?

Friends from College, a brilliant made for Netflix series, is the story of a group of friends who all met at Harvard University, have remained friends ever since, and now, 20 years later, all find themselves living in the same city.

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5 Hilarious Differences Between School and University

Finally, you’re finished school! It’s been a long few years, and you’ve been chomping at the bit to get out and get on to university.

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5 Life Mottos Every University Student Should Know

It’s hard to put rules on being a student because every student is different.

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5 Steps for Productivity in University

Procrastination and selective amnesia when it comes to doing the work we need to do at university are common characteristics of students.

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