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types of classmates you meet in college

10 Types of Classmates You Meet in College

If you think that student stereotypes are just a myth, wait until you actually start college. By the end of your first term, you’ll most likely have met most of the following students …

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food for brain students will enjoy

5 Kinds of Brain Food that Students Will Enjoy

February 8, 2018 /
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University life can be so much fun and so busy that eating well is often the last thing on your mind. You grab fast food in between classes, enjoy nights out in subsidised student bars drinking more than is good for you, and pick up easy-to-cook meals from the supermarket. Many students don’t know how …

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ways to use gadgets in education

9 Ways to Use Gadgets in Education

The prevalence of technology in today’s society and places of learning is often dismissed as encouraging students and non-students alike to depend overmuch on gadgets, rather than using their brain. But when used in the right way, gadgets can be a valuable learning tool. You have to use them to learn, rather than trying to …

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books every Australian student should read

5 Books Every Australian Student Should Read

Over the course of your studies, you’ll read what seems like thousands of books. So reading anything that isn’t on the list handed out by your tutors doesn’t seem very inviting. But there are so many books that are interesting, useful, or educational. Here are the five books every Australian student should make time to …

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visit the library while studying in the university

7 Reasons to Visit the Library While Studying in University

One of the key factors in successful study is location. It is important you find a place that suits your studying style, where you feel you can concentrate and avoid being distracted. It’s hard to find a place as conducive to study as the university library. The very notion that is a designated place of …

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write an essay in a short period of time

How to Write an Essay in a Short Period of Time

December 28, 2017 /
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When you have a lot of deadlines close together, the pressure is on to finish all your essays on time. But most students don’t do their best work when time is running out. Even the most diligent student can find themselves getting overwhelmed. You may also have papers to write but need to head off …

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