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best jobs for graduates

Selecting and getting your first job after college can influence your entire career and with it, your life and future income. This decision is not to be taken lightly, which is why many struggle with making it. On today’s market, jobs for graduates can be found around every corner, but if you want to truly succeed, you cannot just jump into the first opportunity that comes your way.

If you are searching for the best jobs for graduate freshers, you need to consider your knowledge as well as your preferences. Of course, you can always make a test for jobs after graduation and see which position best fits you. However, your best shot at a bright, bright future is a promising career in your field, offering you the great income you studied for.

To aid the process of selecting the best jobs for America’s graduates, we made a list of the top 10 choices you should definitely be considering.

1. Statistician

statistician job for graduates

Statisticians get an average salary of AU$76,825 per year! This career path requires excellent knowledge of the field of mathematics, providing a myriad of highly-paid job vacancies for maths graduates.

As a statistician, you’ll be asked to work with huge volumes of data and select between the many different industries this career path offers. Some of those industries include:

  • Manufacturing

Statisticians are often requested to work in such companies and help with product testing and quality control. Your tasks here would be to determine how successful a product is, let’s say, in different weather or area conditions.

  • Government

Almost every government agency in the world hires statisticians, meaning that if you are interested to pursue this career, you’ll find many government jobs vacancies for graduates. If you choose to work for a government department such as the Labor department, you will be asked to track the wages of the workers in the country, or the unemployment rate changes.

  • Healthcare

Selecting this particular industry makes you a biostatistician. You can choose to work for a pharmaceutical company and see how effective their medicines are, or work for a health agency/hospital to see what are the commonalities between their patients.

2. Aerospace Engineering

aerospace engineer job

Looking for some aircraft mechanic jobs for fresh graduates? If your degree is in this field, you are in for a great future. Aerospace engineering is one of the highest paid jobs in the world, meaning that you can find myriad of jobs immediately after you graduate from college. Based on the type of product you are going to work on, you can design components of aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, satellites, and all kinds of products in the aerospace industry. Of course, you’d have to choose a single type of product and specialize in it to succeed.

For example, some aircraft mechanic jobs for fresh graduates will ask you to design rockets, while others will demand your expertise in designing aircraft for the military. Every system and component is different from the others, which requires a very specific and advanced set of knowledge. When you have mastered it, you can become part of the groups of most-paid engineers in the world.

Basically, engineers in the aerospace field can be separated into two large categories: aeronautical and astronautical engineering. The first design aircraft that is used within the atmosphere we live in, while the latter study and research spacecraft outside and inside of it, as well as build such machines to complete specific missions.

Just to give you a general idea, here are some specializations you can decide to pursue if you choose the aerospace engineering career:

  • Control systems
  • Flight mechanics
  • Propulsion
  • Navigation
  • Structural design
  • Thermodynamics

3. Tutoring

tutoring job for a graduate

One of the most popular jobs for America’s graduates is tutoring. Whichever field you are expert in, you can use to share this knowledge with others. And the best part is, you don’t even have to do it in an actual classroom. The reason why tutoring is considered one of the top jobs for America’s graduates is because it can be done online, which provides a grand deal of flexibility and control.

There are plenty of online jobs for college graduates, many of these which are tutoring or related to it. Some of the best jobs online from home include teaching, writing, or tutoring fellow students who need some help getting through college. And it is a very rewarding position, too!

Wondering where you can find such jobs? Here are the best job sites for college graduateswho want to work online:

  • Tutor.com
  • GetStudyRoom.com
  • Chegg.com
  • Student-Tutor.com

4. Hotel Management

hotel management job

The field of hotel management is a very wide field. You can do all kinds of things if you get a position in the hospitality industry. Jobs for hospitality management graduates include overseeing the personnel, taking care of customer satisfaction, keeping the facilities’ maintenance on track, as well as controlling the financial and administrative records.

If you choose to pursue possible jobs for tourism graduates, your duties can vary greatly. This will depend on the job title and the part of the hotel you’ll be managing. Some job opportunities for tourism graduates in a hotel include hiring and scheduling employees, food service management, lodging managers, security managers, etc.

5. Content Marketing

content marketing job

One of the most popular jobs for graduates known to millennials is content marketing. The content marketing industry is fun, creative and very rewarding if you know how to sell things well. You can get hired to create articles, videos, images or get one of the great media jobs for graduates everyone finds joy in doing:

  • Social media management
  • Web content management
  • Public relations officer
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Journalist
  • Freelance writer
  • Market researcher

As a content marketer, you will probably be asked to do what every millennial enjoys to do nowadays – use social media and create and build a brand. This includes targeting social media posts, content, emails, and using various forms of communication to improve the experience of the customers.

6. Mediating

mediator job for a graduate

Generally speaking, the category of mediators includes judges, hearing officers and mediators. Of course, your first step will probably not be a judge, but it is a high-paying career to strive to get. The average salary of a mediator in Australia is $86,017 per year!

Such jobs can be found on the job market for law school graduates, but this industry does not limit the entrance of other experts too.

The mediator category has many job opportunities to offer, since conflicts are unfortunately common in the world. Parties will attempt to avoid big costs, which will result in many tasks for you, that is if you choose to pursue out-of-court mediation career.

7. Electronics and Communications Engineering

electronics and communications engineering

Electronics and communication engineering is without any doubt on the top of the list of jobs for America’s graduates. With a salary that surpasses $80,000 yearly for almost every job position in Australia, this is definitely something worthy of your attention.

According to one of the most popular sites for job listings for college graduates online, Indeed, here is what you can expect to earn if you pursue this path:

  • Defence jobs for graduates in the Electronic Engineering field – $86,347 per year
  • Australia wide labor electronic engineer – $80,436 per year
  • Australia Wide Electronics Engineer – $84,210 per year

Seeing these numbers surely makes you want to consider the electronics field. Out of this field, the biggest branch is electrical engineering.

What does an electronics engineering do? If you choose to get one of the highest paid jobs for America’s graduates, some of your obligations will be to test or develop components, systems and devices, as well as equipment, track the effects and behavior of electrons, etc. Electronics engineers work with components that use electricity as a power source, such as diodes, capacitors, transistors and resistors. They usually work in teams with colleges, which demands team work and great organizational skills.

Some of the jobs you can pursue here can be found in defense, mobile phones, medical instruments, radio communication, nanotechnology, and acoustics.

8. Nursing

nursing job for graduates

Did you know that you can get paid up to $70,000 if you work as a nurse? This is a fulfilling profession, both mentally and professionally. Nurses provide medical care to people who are hospitalized or need care at home, are suffering from acute or chronic conditions, or need emotional help and advice to overcome some life struggles.

This makes nursing a profession in high demand everywhere, which means that you will probably also find many travel nursing jobs for new graduates. You can choose to work remotely or travel to another country, or even participate in health organizations that provide such help worldwide.

As a nurse, you will have the opportunity to work alongside excellent doctors and diagnosticians and provide one of the most important elements for proper rehabilitation – follow-up care.

As you can see, there is much more to nursing than what meets the eye. This is a tough job and a very rewarding position that will keep you busy and fulfilled. The number of jobs that actually save people’s lives are limited, and this one is somewhere on the top of the list.

Being a nurse will require some medical knowledge on your behalf. Depending on what you are trying to achieve with your nursing goals, you will surely find many opportunities with the help of your degree. Start with general nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwife, to something completely different such as pain management nurse or a psychiatric nurse – the choices are grand. If you choose this path, you can easily find top jobs for psychology graduates, general medicine graduates, etc.

9. Actuarial Mathematics

actuarial mathematics job

Do you know what an actuary is? This is a business professional that calculates risk and the consequences that come from it. By using mathematics skills and statistics, this expert studies the future financial events in the field of pension and insurance.

If you are good at mathematics and enjoy such tasks, you can find a job in consulting firms, insurance companies, hospitals, investment firms, banks, corporations’ benefit department, or in businesses who provide such services. You can even find a government job since, this profession is highly demanded in such branches.

10. Sales

sales job as a graduate

Yes, sales take part of the top ten list. We are not speaking of selling things in a store, but using your verbal persuasion skills to create a highly paid and lucrative sales career.

So, which are the best sales jobs for college graduates?

Out of the many jobs in the sales sector, here are the top two you should definitely be considering: real estate agent and sales engineer.

Don’t expect your real estate career to be like you see it on TV. Yes, your task will be to show people around and find great houses for them, but this career requires a lot of expertise and dedication, too. The more you know about the marketplace and the higher your persuasion skills are, the bigger your income will become. This is one of those jobs where you get what you give – the point is to close as many deals as possible.

Of course, to work as a real estate agent, you need a license. Check the state’s rules and regulations, but don’t worry, the process doesn’t take long.

Sales engineers are into the engineering business, which is definitely one of the best paid businesses to be in. Instead of selling houses, this business will demand that you sell technology and scientific products. This requires some knowledge in both science and in technology, as well as skills that will persuade the consumers that they need the product.

Ready to take the next step? If you’ve made your choice of a career, all that is left is to start applying to one. Make sure to practice the answers to commonly asked questions in job interview for fresh graduate, prepare for the task, and get your amazing career started!