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Who Am I? Is There an Answer to That Question, Anyway?

I’ve written countless blog posts, articles and guides before. I even have a whole manuscript waiting for some courage. But, when it comes to introducing myself in writing, I’m always stuck. Can someone explain the paradox?

Here’s my best try:

I’m Jessie Frem, the name and face behind this blog. I live in Sydney, the most beautiful city in the world. Australia – the home to the most awkward educational system in the world. Bear with me; we’ll get to that point. What I enjoy doing is writing guides and posts related to education, essay writing, college life, and everything else a student could benefit from.

Here’s what you can find on my blog:

  • Ideas that help you start writing
  • Useful and practical tips that make you a better writer
  • Guidelines on academic writing: style, formatting, and everything else that comes in the package
  • Studying techniques that make you a more focused (and faster!) learner
  • Personal experience that helps you avoid the mistakes I made

What’s This Blog All About?

Maybe you’re wondering: “Why on Earth would Jessica write such a blog? Is it for profits? It’s gotta be!” No; it’s not for profits.

I’m a writer. Writing is what I do. Blogging is only one of the ways for sharing my work with the world. When I’m ready, I’ll share that manuscript that’s waiting in the drawer. For now, I found the niche I’m passionate about and I decided to focus on the most exciting audience out there: students. Combine writing and students… and you have the theme of my blog: writing tips that help you become better students.

The main goal of my blog is to understand your troubles with academic writing and help you solve them. As far as understanding is concerned, I’ve been in your shoes. I know that writing papers is hard. The Australian educational system is tricking you in ways you never imagined. After all those classes and courses, I was incapable to think about essays. However, I also know that I was ready to take the challenge and benefit from it. Yes, there are actual benefits from learning how to write, and we’ll talk about them in my posts, too.

The other important goal is to form a connection with Aussie students. I invite you all to share your experiences, troubles, and struggles related to your lives as students. Together, we can find better solutions.