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part time jobs for students

Students are often concerned with college expenses, which is why the interest in part-time jobs suitable for students has grown so much over the years. Juggling a college career and finding the money to cover all financial needs is often impossible for a college student. For this specific reason, the question of where to find jobs for college students is asked on daily basis and all around the world.

That being said, it is no doubt why finding one of the popular easy online jobs for school students has become one of the dreams of many. The online market is rewarding and at the same time really flexible, two of the things that students need while trying to cope with studies and earing an additional income.

For all of you in search of some great part time job ideas, we’ve researched and found high-paying part time jobs you can do from the commodity of your own home. If you are interested in becoming one of the thousands work from home college students, then this list is for you.

1. Social Media Manager

social media manager job

Did you know that many companies look for people that will manage their social media accounts? This is the time to put all those skills you’ve gained during wasting your time on social media into earning a great income. This is one of the easy jobs for students and at the same time, a very interesting and cool part-time job opportunity.

When it comes to social media, students of today are the real pros at handling such jobs. You’ve probably grown up with technology as one of your best friends, making this one of the greatest jobs for college students with no experience.

Social media managers are the face and the voice of a brand or a business on social media platforms. You are the person who interacts with their customers and followers, as well as finds the best ways to promote their content and their deals.

2. Online Tutor

job as an online tutor

Your studying hasn’t finished yet, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t possess the knowledge you can share with others. Tutoring has been one of the most popular part time job ideas for decades now, but with the advances in technology, you can actually do this online, from your home.

Offer online tutoring for fellow students or younger people who need some help and guidance. There are many home school programs that pay a great sum of money and will add a significant amount to your budget.

Online tutoring isn’t just good because of the earnings. This is one of the best part time jobs for college graduates because it gives you experience and strengthens your knowledge on different topics while providing you with extra money.

It doesn’t even have to be academic-based only. You can use your talents and skills to tutor or consult in social media, music, art, nutrition, fashion, etc. There are numerous part time tutoring jobs for college students on the Web. Explore your limits and use your creativity – this is the widest field of our part time job examples.

3. Resume Writer

resume writer job

We’ve already established that the answer to the question where to find jobs for college students lies online. If you still don’t have an idea for good part time online work for college students, but possess quality writing skills, we have just the perfect job for you. One of the best part time jobs for college graduates is writing resumes for others.

This can be very simple even if you aren’t the greatest writer in your class or generation. You’ve surely written your own resume at this point, or at least have been taught to write a resume. Now, you can build on those skills even further by writing resume for part time job college student and landing a job in the same field. Just find people who look for a new job and offer to help them out with their resume.

4. Search Engine Cleaner and Evaluator

search engine cleaner and evaluator

What does this mean? This is one of the top virtual jobs for college students because it is simple, well-paid, and done in a short time. You can earn up to $15 per hour to clean up the search engines. The demand is high for such help, since despite their algorithms and the updates, search engines still need help fixing their errors.

5. Online Recruiter

online recruiter as a job

Once again, we provide you with one great example of part time jobs for college students with no experience. Being one of the top 10 online jobs for students, an online recruiter is a great way to earn some extra money, but also build on your network. Since you will be acting as a liaison between potential hires and a company, you can meet some amazing people and make new opportunities for yourself in the process.

6. Presentation Designer

presentation designer as a part time job

If you thought that all those hours spent on making presentations were a waste, you were wrong! Right next to the many part time tutoring jobs for college students you will find many requests from students who need help with their presentations.

Being great at this might also yield opportunities to work with business speakers, too. The more successful you are at it, the more you can earn by doing this. And the best part is, it is one of the best college jobs from home, so you don’t have to go out to do it.

7. Transcriptionist

transcriptionist as a part time job

With video calls being as popular as they are today, you also have an option to do online transcribing. This is the latest addition to the list of online jobs for college students, and a very popular one for that matter.

This is a great choice for you even if you don’t have the experience. Transcription is one of the most popular jobs for college students with no experience or little experience because it offers flexible workloads and hours. However, you will need to set specific time only for this job, because it requires a lot of focus and attention to detail.

8. PTC

PTC as a part time job

Have you heard of the term ‘paid to click’? Many companies pay people to view advertisements, and that’s it! All you have to do is watch ads for a couple of seconds, and you will get some money for it! It might not be the most paid option if you have little time to dedicate to it, but it is one of the top jobs for college students with no experience.

9. Online Surveys Answering

online survey answering

This is one of the part time job ideas that’s not so widely known at this point, which is a benefit for you. The demand for people to answer surveys is high, making it one of the best opportunities for online part time jobs for college students right now.

If you are wondering where to find such jobs, look for manufacturing companies who invest in research to get suggestions and ideas from potential customers about their new products or services.

10. Blogger

blogger as a part time job

You probably know at least one person who blogs in their spare time. This isn’t just a hobby – it is one of the current top online jobs for college students! Every student has something interesting to tell and if you know how to tell it in an engaging way, this can be a great additional source of income for you.

In fact, if you become very good at blogging, this can even turn into your career. Blogging isn’t just one of the part time job ideas, it is a potential career path that can earn you thousands, even millions of dollars in the long run.

11. Content Writer

content writer as a part time job

Students who love writing enjoy every chance they get to write. In addition to being an essential skill for all, writing is also one of the greatest online part time jobs for college students.

Potentially, this is another one of the part time job ideas that can turn into a full-time, highly paid career in the long run. If you are interested in pursuing it, get your resume for part time job college student ready and start applying to write content for websites and blogs.

12. Gigs on Fiverr

gigs on fiverr as a part time job

Have you heard of this platform? Fiverr is very popular today and people use it to meet employees and hire them to do jobs for them. If you cannot decide on which specific part time job for college students at home you are interested in pursuing, you can use this platform and do different things all the time. The options are limitless.

On this site, you’ll find a number of available jobs for college students with no experiencesuch as writing jobs, photo editing jobs, presentation jobs, etc.

13. Captcha Solving

captcha solving

You’ve probably haven’t even heard of this by this point, but it really exists. In fact, captcha solving is such a great idea, it takes place in our list of best online part time jobs for college students. Make some extra money by solving captchas for companies. This demands no specific experience, but only fast typing and a couple hours of work on your behalf.

14. Reading E-books

reading e-books as a part time job

Like reading books? Well, then we have the perfect part time job for college students at home you can pursue. This is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy to read, and it is one of the most popular jobs for college students with no experience you can find.

15. Data Entry

data entry as a part time job

Whether it is filling out forms or any other kind of data, you’ll find various online part time jobs for college students of this nature. It’s also another one of those jobs for college students with no experience. All it requires from you is solid typing speed and knowledge of the language used in the task.

16. Photography

photography as a part time job

We aren’t really talking about taking selfies, but actually making quality images that you can later sell online to make more money. At this point, most students have great cameras on their smartphone and if you are persistent enough, you can earn enough money to purchase more expensive cameras and turn this job into a high-paid career for yourself.

Many people nowadays are work from home college students, but if you are a more active person, it is time to go outside, take great photos, and sell them online. Creativity is highly awarded nowadays.

17. Vlogging

vlogging as a part time job

Vlogging is the new, video form of blogging and also one of the most popular online part time jobs for college students. If you open YouTube, you’ll find thousands of videos made by students. Well, guess what – students don’t just post them for fun. If they are interesting and engaging, they make money from them!

18. Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant as a part time job

Look at this opportunity as a personal secretary position, but from home. Work from home college students often take on such job positions and help others without really being present in their lives. Your tasks will be to manage clients, arrange their schedule and meetings, organize events, make some phone calls, schedule appointments, etc.

19. Sales

job in sales

Are you a good salesman? If you have some product you have created or are interested in re-selling online items, you can become one of the work from home college students who sell things online.

Sell handmade items like wall arts, home decors, paintings, jewelry, knitting, etc. All these jobs also come in the part-time job category, and selling them online increases your chances of earning more money significantly.

20. Consulting

consulting as a part time job

Are you a psychology major? If you are or are genuinely interested in people’s life and ready to give out some great advice, you can take on consulting as a part-time job. Of course, you won’t be earning an income as high as an actual consulting professional, but if you choose the field you have most knowledge or experience in, you can slowly become great and very popular in this industrial sector.


Money don’t always come easy, but they are easily spent when you are a student. If you want and need to earn something extra to get through the tough college days, take on some of the 20 most popular part-time jobs online we presented you with in this article.