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gift for a college student

Worried about what to get for the college student in your life? You don’t know what specific gift is best for a student who studies medicine or architecture, or perhaps you need some inspiration thinking of some good gift ideas for students for Christmas? Or maybe you are a professor who wants to get a great, but inexpensive and appropriate gift for your students? No worries, the list below will tell you everything you need to know about buying gifts for college students.

We gathered a short, but very informative list of gift ideas for students. With just a small investment and little effort, you can make a student’s day and give them a gift that they’ll remember and cherish for years to come.

1. Gifts Ideas for Music Students

gift idea for a music student

There are plenty of gift ideas you can use when it comes to music students. Based on their needs, you can think of a gift that will make their music or practice better. For example, every musician lugs around pages of music to play, making a portfolio bag one of the best gifts for piano students. And for any other music student, for that matter.

Speaking of gifts for piano students, what do you think about something more creative? Get a musical note mug for coffee or tea, preferably one that can be taken with them to rehearsals. Another great idea is musical socks, but you might want to get several pair for them. The college student will surely wear there frequently.

All these gifts can be given to any music student, so let’s not limit the list to gifts for piano students only. You can get more specific with your gifts based on the instrument the student is playing. For example, one of the best gifts for violin students is a new music stand. You may not know this, but most students use flimsy and cheap stands that barely hold their heavy books. A new stand will make their practice more comfortable and with it, make the student happier.

2. Gift Ideas for Medical Students

gift idea for a medical student

There’s one big gift that any medical student would want, but we don’t think anyone could give them that. The highest spot on any list of top gifts for medical students is more time, but only a wizard could do this. Medical students go into their studies knowing about the difficulty of the material, but nothing can prepare them for the sleepless nights and materials they have to learn to become experts in their field.

So, what gift ideas for medical students come close to giving them extra time? The closest to extra time for a medical student is a tool to overcome the long sleepless nights or bulks of materials to study. This being said, the best gift ideas for medical students are often related to coffee.

If you want to make a medical student happy and keep them alert, there are plenty of birthday gift baskets for college students that you can buy for them. Such baskets can include some clever mug with a medical quote or meme and plenty of coffee choices that will help them get through the day despite the limited hours.

For those who need something more specific, you can always go with a more unique and focused choice based on the medical field the student has chosen. For example, some of the best gift ideas for dental student, let’s say, are unique things such as bacon floss to brush their teeth, or toothpaste in a coffee or cupcake flavor!

3. Gift Ideas for Architecture Students

gift ideas for architechture students

The ultimate gift for a student of architecture is the LEGO set. No, we are not talking about a toy, but a tool that became extremely popular among architects and popular firms such as SOM and BIG. The LEGO Architecture Studio set of building blocks includes not only a set of blocks, but also a guidebook written by excellent architects.

Architecture students appreciate all sources of knowledge, so why not get them a coupon for a course? You can buy them a fine book, but a course is much less likely to collect dust on their bookshelf. Since most of them can be used during a limited period of time, the student will more likely use and appreciate this gift.

Of course, there is always the option that applies to all students and occasions – a personalized mug, pen, or t-shirt with fun architecture quotes or jokes.

4. Valentine Gift Baskets for College Students

valentine gift basket for college students

Being a student does not make any difference when it comes to Valentine – gift boxes and baskets remain the most popular choice in every group, including those of students. If you want to show a college student that you love him or her on Valentine’s, there are many creative gift boxes for college students you can buy or make yourself.

Make a combination of what the student loves and needs. You can assort chocolates, teddy bears, and of course, coffee! The bottom line is, whatever you choose to add to the box, the student will surely appreciate the gesture!

5. Christmas Gift Ideas for Students

christmas gift ideas for students

Surely, you can add those boxes and baskets in the list of Christmas gift ideas for students, too. Finely planned and assorted gift baskets for students will include all the things mentioned in the list for Valentine gift, plus some unique gifts for Christmas, such as socks.

But on top of all gifts you can give students for Christmas, the most appreciated one will be the one the student most desires. In many cases, a vacation or a small road trip is the best gift you can give them during the Christmas break. Going away from the studying and the everyday activities will keep them fresh and motivated to continue their studies afterward.

6. Exam Gifts for College Students

exam gifts for college students

On the top of the list of gifts you can buy for college students to aid their exam processes, you can find Echo Dot. This is another example of artificial intelligence making the life of people easier. Amazon’s invention Echo Dot helps students prepare for exams and study faster. It is a personal assistance that will aid them during their studying sessions, read audiobooks for them, and organize their time properly.

Echo is Amazon’s brand of speakers that connect to Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant. It is now capable of music playback, voice interaction, setting alarms, creating to-do lists, streaming podcasts, providing real-time information about weather and traffic, as well as playing audiobooks. For more convenience, it can control several devices, making it possible for the student to use it anywhere.

7. Inexpensive Gifts for Students from Teachers

gifts for students from teachers

Are you a teacher looking to buy gifts for your students? You are looking for small gifts for students that are motivating, appropriate and well-received, so the choice cannot be simple. However, we’ve made a list of inexpensive gifts for students from teachers you can choose from.

The first in our list of inexpensive gifts for students from teachers is a necklace with an inspiring quote or saying, such as ‘going places’. Such an inspirational necklace comes with a motivational quote that will tell your student how much you appreciate them and boost them on the right path.

That’s just one idea of truly inexpensive gifts for students from teachers. You can get something  with a higher price, but still affordable, such as Echo Dot. This will help the student remain up to date with the study materials and be their helper throughout the year.

Finally, some of the never-aging inexpensive gifts for students from teachers – treats. Sharing food to students might not fit the dietary restrictions, but if you ask beforehand and make sure no one has allergies, you can still give your students some sweet treats as a gift. This will surely be highly appreciated and make you popular with your students, and you can even use it as a boost in the form of an award whenever they do something well.

8. End of Year Gift Ideas for Students

end of year gifts for students

Oh, the choices! You can either choose the most popular and most needed small gift – a pencil, or something also minor and inexpensive to keep your students equipped for taking notes – bookmarks. What better gift is there to give a student than something they use and need the most?

Of course, to make it more personal, you can always add some extra touch by writing something on the pencil.

Another idea for an end-of-year gift is something that shows the students that you cherish your memories together. At the end of the year, make a small book of photos and memories that students can keep for years to come. You can even go digital and make a short video to send to your students as an end-of-year parting gift.

9. Gift Ideas for Engineering Students

gift ideas for an engineering student

Gift ideas for an engineering student often equals gaming items, tech equipment, or some robotic toys that help them enjoy the science they love so much. In fact, the perfect gift for engineering students is something new or something different where they can use critical thinking and creativity while having fun.

In addition to such gifts, you can definitely buy them something with constructing and building things, as well as interesting quotes on t-shirts and mugs.

As for books, we’d recommend the very popular Engineering Formulas book. It is very useful and known by many students worldwide and is one of the best gift ideas for students that study engineering, regardless of their course of study.

10. Gifts for Language Students

gift idea for a language student

What can you possibly give to a student who studies languages? People will argue that the best gift ideas for students who love and study languages are online lesson credits. After all, most students build on their language skills by taking online courses, so such credits will be the most appreciated gift you can give them.

Have you heard of experience gifts? Here in Australia, there are sites like RedBalloon where people can purchase something called ‘experience for people’. This is nothing like the wrapped gifts you can give them. Instead of buying them a book, you can buy them a coupon, pay for a lesson with a private language tutor, or get them a course they can study online. This is much better than a book for learning a language they’ll soon throw away, and provides much more experience instead of serving as an ornament on a bookshelf.

Still, no one says you cannot go with the traditional wrapped gifts. Make use of word magnets, print a t-shirt with a fun quote in their target language, buy them language blocks (yes, for adults, too), and of course – scrabble! This choice is the absolute favorite among language learners and enthusiasts, and they can use it to master the language while having some fun at the same time.

Did you find what you were looking for? Use your creativity to make the best gift for the student you are aiming to make happy or impress. This list will help you with that.