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best apps for college students

College students need help and that is no secret. In times of academic troubles, many of them turn to apps for some instant help. Apps seem to make everything easier, especially now that they are so versatile and numerous. At this point, the right app can help you meet a deadline, study efficiently, remain connected with your peers and friends, keep your schedule organized, and whatnot. Depending of your needs and responsibilities, there are plenty of choices for everyone.

As a college student yourself, you sure have selected a variety different apps. With so many options and tools for students app, you can even choose to get an app builder for students and build your own app and make it fit your needs. But chances are, an app of the same kind and with the same purpose will already exist. Unless you have some very innovative app ideas for students, you can probably find an app for your need without having to invent a new way. Below you will find the greatest apps for college students available this year.

Best Writing Apps for Students

1. Dictionary.com

dictionary app for students

There is much more to dictionary.com than just definitions and terms. This amazing app takes part of the list of 70 best apps for teachers and students because of its many uses. One of its most popular features is the ‘word of the day’ feature, the translator with over thirty languages, audio pronunciations, as well as the option to see the origin of the word you are looking up.

The reason why Dictionary.com is rated as one of the 70 best apps for teachers and studentsis because in addition to being a thesaurus, it also offers links to other tools, citation formats, formats for capitalization, abbreviation and punctuation, as well as a style guide.

Looking for something more specific, such as the best apps for nursing students?

Even the actual dictionary part is not the ordinary one. In addition to the traditional dictionaries you are used to, this one also includes slang, idioms and medical dictionary. This is what makes it one of the best apps for nursing students.

2. Hemingwayapp.com

hemingway app for students

When you are done writing, you want to make sure that your writing is perfect. Hemingway is just a great app for that. You can use it to check the readability of your writing by simply copying and pasting it into the app. Once you do that, the app will analyze your writing fast and effectively.

Students who need some help with editing their paper love this app! It points out to sentences that are not easy to read and help you substitute the bad wording with simpler wording. Moreover, it will tell you if you are using too much passive in your writing, or adverbs for that matter.

Best Presentation Apps for Students

3. TED

ted app for students

Looking for some quality free presentation apps for students? We present you with the most popular of them all – one of the top 25 apps for college students. And not just them – TED is believed to be one of the best educational apps for students and teachers, too!

With the help of the TED app, you can supplement your presentation preparation process by listening to some inspiring and educational talks online. The topics are in large number and the app can also be used offline. There is no better time to get inspired than now!

All students can access this app. It is one of the best of iPhone apps known to students, so what more is there to know?

Best Organization Apps for Students

4. Evernote

evernote app for students

Have you heard of Evernote? It is one of the top iPad apps for law students due to the opportunity to write things down instantly, but also the greatest organizational tool students have used in the past decade. You can use it to take notes on the tablet, phone or computer and keep them synchronized on all devices.

Since the notes are all safe and synchronized, you don’t have to worry about losing important outlines ever again. Use the Evernote app to scan documents, as well as collaborate with others by sharing each other’s’ notes.

Evernote is one of the best apps for gifted and talented students, too. Whenever an idea strikes you, all you have to do is note it down, no paper or pen needed!

Best Collaboration Apps for Students

5. PowerSchool

powerschool app for students

The PowerSchool app for students is the greatest collaboration application used both by educators and learners. It lets teachers track their students and share their information, keep a record of their attendance and grades, and share it with the parents.

Yes, that is the bad side of it for a student, but students actually love this app too. Sharing things with peers is now easier than ever, all thanks to this marvelous collaboration app.

Best Reading Apps for Students

6. Tales2Go.com

tales2go app for students

Using one of the best reading apps for elementary students might sound strange or funny to you, but this app is actually used by students of all ages. Even though it is most popular among the youngest, known as one of the best reading apps for elementary students, you can search based on interest, genre, or even age. The app allows users to add their favorites and make bookmarks and is nowadays used even by the schools and parents.

Best Movie Streaming App for Students

7. Viewster

viewster app for students

Movies are very powerful, especially to students who often need to break their stress with some nice film or an episode from their favorite TV show. A great movie can help you reduce the stress and tiredness and keep you away from the studying, at least for a while. And when it comes to best movie streaming app lists,Viewster comes at the very top.

Why is Viewster known as the best movie streaming app?

Because it is available for Android and iOS and extremely easy to use. Channels menu is neatly organized, letting you see the recent and trending channels. And if you can’t find what you are looking for by checking these features, the best movie streaming app has solution once again – the browse section.

As if free videos weren’t enough, Viewster also publishes blog posts you can sit down and read. There is plenty of interesting content there.

8. Crackle

crackle app for students

Another app you can freely name the best movie streaming app is Crackle. This app is another amazing product of Sony and it certainly impresses its users.  The entire app is not free of cost, but there are many movies you can watch without paying anything. The UX and interface are extremely simple and of high quality.

To always keep you in the loop with new movies and series to watch, there are forty TV series and a couple hundred movies you can see full-length.  Thanks to the Always On feature, you can stream the videos you are watching while looking for new videos to watch, as well as share it on social media.

Best Dating Apps for College Students

9. Tinder

tinder app for students

Everyone knows of Tinder – one of the greatest dating apps for college students and anyone else, for that matter. When the online dating world first started shaping and building, this was the app to use. Nowadays, it is still considered one of the top dating apps for college students.

If you choose to use this platform, you will be asked to post six photos or less and write a bio. And that’s it! The process works by swiping yes or no. If both you and the other person swipe right, there is the match you’ve been looking for!

Best Apps for Fashion Design Students

10. Pinterest

pinterest app for students

Of course it is Pinterest! If you are in the search for apps for fashion design students, this is the one for you! Pinterest is a digital board for all kinds of things and because of its widespread use, it is the greatest source of inspiration you can find. Inspirations from all around the world are collected and presented for you to see. And since they are carefully put into collections and curated by other Pinterest users such as yourself, the results of your search here will be much more satisfactory than a simple google image search.

Best Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities

11. MyTalkTools Mobile

mytalktools mobile app for students

Good assistive technology apps for students with disabilitiesaids the learning process of those who need it most. Such tools can be very helpful for those who struggle with everyday activities. An app such as MyTalkTools can do wonders for students with disabilities and literally change their lives.

This innovative app helps students overcome their communication difficulties and say the things they want to say by using images, sounds and words. You can configure it to play sounds and feature images that help students with communication troubles.

12. Autism Xpress

autismxpress app for students

Autism Xpress is one of the most helpful apps for students with autism. It is specifically designed to help those who struggle with expressing emotions as a result of autism. The games featured in this app are easy to use and very assistive when it comes to learning and communicating.

Best Poetry Apps for Students

13. The Poetry App

the poetry app for students

The Poetry App is a free app created by the Josephine Hart Poetry Foundation. It features over a hundred poems with introductions and explanation essays. However, the greatest feature of what is considered one of the top poetry apps for students.

In addition to poems, The Poetry App has videos and audio from performers and actors such as Dominic West, Roger Moore and Bob Geldof.

14. Poet’s Pad

poets pad app for students

The Poet’s Pad is well designed and extremely helpful to those who need a boost of motivation and creativity. The most popular features of this app are the tools for generating ideas. Whenever you are struggling with a writers’ block, you can use poetry to kill that block.

In addition to this, the Poet’s Pad includes a feature for vocal recording that helps you keep your poetry in spoken form when you are unable to write it down.

Best Music Download Apps for Students

15. Spotify

spotify app for students

Students love to listen to music. It relaxes them, helps them study, or simply provides them with the fun and fulfillment they need. For this purpose, Spotify is known to be the best iphone music download app free. The app is filled with different music genres and tracks, available solely by typing in the search unit.

Spotify can be used as a streaming app, but you can also save and bookmark your apps and use it offline.

Did you choose your favorite app? Select one from this list and aid your college days as much as possible. These apps are made to help you study, write, listen to your favorite music, relax with a great free movie, and even find yourself a data. In the busy college life, many of these things are hard and often, impossible. For some people more, for others less. This list contains some help for everyone, so choose your favorite app and download it today!