• Simple and Practical Writing Tips from Real Writers

Even though the education years aren’t perfect and they surely don’t teach only relevant things, there are some good parts to it. For example, the most common type of work students have to perform is writing essays. No matter what year of study a student goes through, essay assignments are always present!

Fortunately, this activity isn’t quite useless. In fact, it has a lot of educational purposes and benefits. During today’s article, we’ll explore few of them, and we’ll observe how developing your essay writing skills is interconnected with other skills and traits that you have.

1. Essay Writing Develops Your Analytical Skills

Whenever it’s time to write an essay, you have to go through multiple tasks. First of all, you must do your research on the topic and note down the most important aspects related to the topic. Second of all, you must create an outline with all the ideas that you want to include within your essay. All these processes are helping you to develop analytical skills.

Nowadays, doing a lot of research will make you a selective person; there’s a lot of misguided information on the web, and figuring out which to trust isn’t that easy!

2. You Learn How to Simplify Problems

Every person has problems; problems are basically a part of our human lives. We have emotional problems, mental problems, physical problems, and so on. When you write an essay, you must approach a certain subject and simplify it enough so you can write it using a certain amount of words. This skill is also relevant for your real-life existence, as you’ll develop your problem-solving skills.

3. More Research Means More Knowledge

As already mentioned, whenever you must write an essay, you must also go through other activities like researching and outlining. The more research you do, the more new information goes inside your head. Of course, you will not remember everything that you’ve read, but some information is definitely staying. You might not notice it in your daily activities, but when the time comes; your subconscious mind will definitely bring the knowledge back to life.

It’s just like a cycle; the more you have to write, the more you have to read. The more you read, the more you’ll know. The more you’ll know, the better you’ll deal with life itself.

4. Improves Your Self-Expression

Writing helps you develop your self-expression and communication skills big time! Writing down words, and doing it properly, is no easy task. It takes a bit of creativity, self-expression skills, and organizing everything so it looks clean and professional. When you write essays, you must focus your attention on coming up with the right words.

The thing is, you can’t take the whole day to do it. You must do it quickly. Doing this activity on a consistent basis will eventually make you a better communicator.

5. Prepares You for the Real Life

After graduation, you’ll have to start making a living; earn your own money, and become independent. Most of the times, students choose to apply for different types of jobs. These jobs could be in their field, or they could be totally unrelated to what the student has learned before. Either way, a certain degree of professionalism is required in order to land good jobs.

Writing essays teaches you how to express yourself academically and professionally. You learn grammar, spelling, introductions, and certain society norms.

6. Structuring and Organizing Your Arguments

When some people open their mouths, they start talking without sense. They create a mess out of their message, and the interlocutor can’t understand a thing. The problem with these people is that they’re not good at organizing their ideas and words. A certain structure must exist in order for the message to be understood.

Whenever you’re writing essays, you are also taking care of the structuring and the organizing part of the job. This teaches you how to be coherent and how to make sense of what you’re saying.

7. Better Future Job Opportunities

Usually, people who write a lot are better communicators and better professionals. That’s not only because of their improved communication skills but also because of their overall knowledge. Writing essays on a consistent basis will teach you many things, it’ll improve you in many ways, and it’ll offer you better job opportunities.

Most of the recruiters are asking for a cover letter before accepting an interview. Essay writing definitely improves your ability to craft better cover letters for every job that you apply to.

8. Improves Your Attention

Attention to details is an important trait of any person out there. If you know how to watch the important details and ignore the rest, you’ll have less stress in your life, more power to focus on the right things, and your relationships will look just fine because you’re treating everyone with your attention.

9. Teaches Your How to Be Consistent

When we’re talking about essay writing, we’re not referring to a few essays. We’re talking about hundreds of essays throughout several years of studies. That’s not such a small number. In case you choose to consistently work on your assignments and never skip them, you’ll cultivate consistency.

In life, in order to be successful, you must work consistently without giving up. Most people know it, but few are actually doing it.

10. Puts You Through a Growth State

Constantly writing things down, accessing new information, exploring new perspectives…all of these things are truly helpful to your growth. To be in a growth state means to be constantly improving yourself in certain areas of your life. You can grow emotionally, physically, and also professionally.

Growth often requires a momentum in order to be initiated. Writing the first essay and continuing until the end will give you the proper momentum to enter the growth state that will make you flourish.


Ever college student has to write hundreds of essays until he’s done with his academic years. If students realize that what they must do is very beneficial to them, they’d probably have less trouble while motivating themselves to do it.

Lots of students hate essays, and that’s a huge problem. What they have to realize is that instead of hating on something, they should start accepting it. After all, with all these benefits, accepting this type of work shouldn’t be hard!