• Simple and Practical Writing Tips from Real Writers

Starting up a business in college, and just after college, is not as difficult as it seems if you are prepared to work slowly. You will do far better if you already have a full-time job. It is easier if you only conduct your business as a smaller side business until it picks up enough to pay for itself and becoming self-sustaining.

1 – Bulk Buy Items You Can Sell

China is the place to buy from. The biggest and most powerful economy in the world is still able to produce the cheapest stuff. For a few thousand dollars of investment, you can pick a single product and have them ship it over. All you have to do is pick it up at the docks when it arrives. Pick a single product that you are sure you can sell, such as umbrellas or raincoats. Once you have sold your stock, you re-invest it into another bulk-buy purchase.

2 – Start An E-Magazine And Sell Advertising Space

Sell your e-magazine the same way that you would sell your regular paper-based magazine. You may even have other people sell it for you in return for fantastic prizes. You have the choice of selling your e-magazine subscriptions and making money that way, or by giving away your magazine for free and then selling advertising space in your e-magazine.

3 – Sell Videos And Images Of Yourself

Let’s face it, a lot of students are selling videos of themselves and photos of themselves. How “Far” you go in your video and movies is up to you. Typically, it is not how far you go that makes money, but how many videos and images you produce that makes you the most money.

4 – Start Teaching People What You Learned In College

You can start teaching it to the lay community, or to kids, or to other adults and students that are studying the same subject as you. There are plenty of ways you could use your qualification to teach people something

5 – Grow And Sell Plants

It takes a long time, but it is very easy in many cases. You may lose a few plant crops, but growing stuff is not that hard. The problem is that it takes a long time, and that is why people are willing to pay good money for plants. Start growing flowers and sell them when they are an inch or two tall. The bigger they are, then the more they sell for, but you have to sell them at the right time. Don’t forget that people plant their gardens in spring.

6 – UpCycling And Recycling Businesses

Colleges are dominated by leftists and liberals who have never experienced a day in the real world. As a result, they are typically idealistic and unrealistic at the same time. Recycling is always a hit, and Upcycling is a buzzword that leftists are clambering over themselves to use. Not only is an upcycling and recycling businesses going to be easy to promote, you may also gain several hangers-on from your college that you may use to promote your business further. Sadly, they will be the Lisa Simpsons and Brian Griffins of the world, but what they lack in common sense can be made up for by using them to promote your business, (just don’t lend them any money).

7 – Create An Audio Book Or Subscription Pod Cast

Don’t bother writing an e-book because it is only good for flushing several months of work down the toilet. Instead, you need to hit an area that is not as highly populated. Create a story and then read it as an audio book. Encourage people to listen to it in the car because that is where they are the most receptive. People are very used to boring pod casts. If you can create a funny pod cast that keeps people entertained, then you will be able to sell your pod casts and make money.

8 – Run Matchmaker Events

Contact your horny and lonely friends and have them promote your matchmaker events. All you have to do is rent an area, such as a room in a pub, and then get people to agree to come along. Give them plenty of incentive, such as cheap drinks and a good time. Ask them for tickets at the door, but also sell advanced tickets for half price. Tell people on the internet that you have sold more advance tickets than you actually have so that they think many people are coming to your event.

9 – But Items On Sale And Resell Them Later

For example, things such as mattresses are often on sale, and due to their high ticket price, they often have large amounts slashed from their price. Your job is to buy them when they are super cheap with at least a 70% discount. Keep the item you have bought for a long while. Wait for the price to shoot up again, and then sell the item with a 30% discount from the sticker price. The customer thinks he or she is getting a great deal because you are selling for 30% less than the merchant, but you actually bought the item for far less. A common trick is to buy Christmas decorations just after Christmas when they are super cheap, and then start selling them for a profit again at the end of November.

10 – Sell Secondhand Items Online

Grab a few secondhand items and sell from online for a little money. Take that little bit of money and buy something else that you find in a junk shop. Sell that and invest the money again. If you are running low on funds, then offer to sell your friend’s stuff on eBay and charge a small percentage.

11 – Start A Proofreading Business

Proofreading is probably one of the most boring jobs on earth. It is even worse for writers because not only do they have to check their work for boring spelling and grammar, but they also have to re-read something they have already read. At least when you proofread the work of another person, you get to read something new. When you proofread your own work, it is boring because you know what is coming next. Proofread other people’s work, and you may earn a good wage.