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It’s hard to put rules on being a student because every student is different. There are however, certain tenets and ideas that are applicable to all. These five life mottos will help you to student success.

You’re good enough

Many students worry about their ability to handle the course they’re on. They think other students must be so much more intelligent and capable than they are. Well, it’s true that you’re probably not among the very top students – only a few can be – but you should remember one thing: you were good enough to get into your university. You may well have won that place over dozens of other applicants. So don’t doubt yourself; you clearly have what it requires to do well.

Having faith in yourself isn’t easy. We’re taught to be modest and not to celebrate our achievements. But I want you to start believing that you’re capable of doing pretty much anything you want – within reason, of course! You’re every bit as smart as most students on your course, so believe in yourself and your abilities to succeed. And work towards that – success won’t just happen.

Everyone needs help sometimes

When you find yourself going having difficulty with your studies, you’re bound to believe that you just aren’t up to the demands of your course. But everyone needs help sometimes. There’s no shame in finding something challenging. It’s going to happen again and again throughout your life. Nobody has it easy all the way through, no matter how effortless their life seems. What you’re not seeing is the doubts and challenges they’re facing; just because it seems that everything is falling into their lap doesn’t mean that it’s true.

It’s a similar thing with the social aspect of university. You get the impression that everyone else is having a wild social life, and you’re the only one left at home or skulking in the corner wishing you had the nerve to start chatting to strangers. The fact is that everyone is nervous about making friends; it will happen naturally as you get to know other students.

Make the most of the time

Those three years at university will go quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be handing in your dissertation and waiting to hear the results. So, make the most of the years before you enter the workplace. Try out new experiences and join clubs – there are loads of different social groups and activities on campus. Don’t be afraid to give up something you’re not enjoying and try another activity instead. There’s no sense in sticking with a group that isn’t working for you.

Live your own life

Less confident people often attach themselves to more outgoing people. The danger is that you just become another version of them, because you admire their confidence. Be yourself, and if that involves taking time to discover who you are, that’s fine. This is the time to explore!

University life can often revolve around alcohol, and anyone who isn’t into that kind of lifestyle can feel excluded. But there are alternatives if you look. You shouldn’t feel obliged to party hard just to feel accepted. A lifestyle based around drinking is a health hazard, and you could put yourself at risk if you overindulge. There are better ways for students to have fun.

Balance is important

While you’re at university, you should aim to have a balance in your life. You shouldn’t be in the library all the time and never having a day off, and nor should you spend all your time in the uni bar. You may well have to work part-time, but try not to let your studies suffer. A schedule may well help you to get organised and fit everything into your day.

Keep control over your health as well. Don’t overdo it where alcohol is concerned or miss out on getting enough sleep. Take time out to enjoy yourself as well as working hard. Also keep an eye on your diet; there’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence in junk food, but try to eat well the majority of the time. It’ll help you cope with the demands of university if you’re properly nourished.

Avoid the temptation to miss early lectures because you were out late last night or can’t be bothered to get out of bed. After all, you’re there to study, so don’t prioritise your social life over classes or essays.