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Students often eat on the run and are on a budget so foods they can quickly prepare without spending a lot are top priority. Of course, you’ve probably heard the joke about a starving college student living on Ramen noodles. While those are a budget friendly choice, most students also admit to eating a large number of hamburgers. There are several reasons why, but it also seems that the love of hamburgers doesn’t disappear just because you’ve graduated. Wondering what to eat as a student? Here are 5 great reasons to choose the burger.

1. Easy to Eat

If you’re slaving over your textbooks or taking copious notes for an upcoming exam, you need food that you can eat without a plate, fork and knife. Hamburgers are an obvious choice as you only need one hand to hold the burger, leaving your other hand free to write or highlight. The bun encases the meat, giving you a built-in way to keep your toppings from sliding out and allowing you to fill your belly without having to sacrifice study time.

2. Inexpensive

Sure, burgers can get pretty pricey if you eat them in higher end restaurants, but your average fast food restaurant sells filling burgers for less than $5, some even as cheap as $1. These burgers are a fast and easy way to get a meal when you’re on a student budget. If you prefer to cook your own burgers, you can get a pound of ground beef at the supermarket for a couple bucks and make at least 4 burgers out of it. Add a bun and a few toppings and you’ve only spent about $3 per burger.

3. Customisable

One of the best things about a burger is that you can make it your own by mixing and matching toppings to create the taste you crave. That means that burgers are a wonderful choice for a student who wants a satisfying meal, but doesn’t have time or money to go to a restaurant. It’s also ideal for students who are hosting a study group or whose parents are in town. You can whip up some burgers and everyone can make their own personal creation. Talk about a crowd pleaser!

4. Nutritional Value

Some students worry about their health when they are stuck with cafeteria or restaurant food and don’t have a huge grocery budget. Not only are most burgers budget friendly, but they do have some nutritional value. You want to be sure you are limiting the fast food options because they are full of fat and calories. However, ground beef is a great source of protein and zinc. Add some veggie toppings and you get antioxidants, vitamins A and C and some fibre. Cheese adds calcium. Remember, moderation is key so a burger can be a healthy part of a well-rounded student diet, but shouldn’t be the only thing you’re eating.

5. They Taste Good

Perhaps the best reason why students eat so many burgers is because they taste so darn good. In addition to being a simple meal to prepare when time is tight and being easy on the cheque book, burgers have an appealing taste that most anyone loves. When you are stressed out studying and trying to complete coursework, a nice burger is a great comfort food to help get you through. If you’re far from home, a burger with friends is a nice substitute for being at home with your family. If for no other reason, burgers just have that flavour that makes a student satisfied and happy.


Students are busy people and often pretty broke so it makes sense to create a meal plan that includes inexpensive foods that are enjoyable to eat. Burgers are a great addition because they have some important nutrients in them and are appealing to most people. Add in that they are simple to eat on the go and you have a meal that’s perfect for any student. If you have a grill in your dorm room or apartment, you’re all set to eat burgers anytime you want to. Bon appetite!