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When compared to the tuitions in American universities, the Australian educational system is cheaper. At Harvard College, for example, the annual tuition is $43,280. Full-time students at Melbourne University pay annual contribution of $6,349, $9,050 or $10,596, depending on the chosen field of study. What a relief! Does cheaper mean cheap? No.

The cost of living in Australia, as a matter of fact, is higher than in any other country. Yes, if you’re an Australian student the government will cover part of the tuition. But that $6,349 shown as the sum of annual contribution is not even close to the real picture. You’ll be spending much more money for accommodation, studying material, and living.

If you’re an international student, then the tuition for attending an Aussie university will be much higher. The annual fee for an international student studying clinical medicine at University of Melbourne is $83,296. Whoa!

Wait; I’m not trying to scare you off. Australia has a great educational system that’s worth the money… when someone else is paying it for you. If you’re not able to afford this education, you can always get a scholarship.

I’ll give you 5 important tips on how to get a scholarship for university. These tips are great for Aussie universities, but you can use them regardless of the destination you have in mind. Education is getting more expensive everywhere, so we can all use a financial boost.

The Tips: How to Get a Scholarship for a Bright Future

1. First, Find the Opportunities

In the age of Internet, there’s no information you can’t find. Here are few resources for you to explore:

You can’t get a scholarship if you don’t know where you’re going to use it. First, you have to decide what university you’ll apply to. Don’t worry; I won’t give you a lesson on how to choose a college or uni. I already did that in another article. This time, I’m mentioning the choice because you’ll find scholarship opportunities from that precise university.

Let’s say you’re considering The University of Sydney. You’ll easily find information at the website: the university provides hundreds of scholarships, awards and prizes every single year. That’s where you should start: the website of your university. Then, you can continue with other online resources.

2. Make a List!

Do you remember how you were choosing the university? You had a list and you thought about the pros and cons of each school. Now, I want you to do something similar. You can’t lose track of all scholarship opportunities you’re considering. So, you need to note them down. Even better: create a special board on Pinterest and use it for that purpose. Make it private and note the pros and cons of each program.

Analyze the list very carefully. Then, you can pick the programs that are compatible with your aspirations and you can start sending applications.

3. Use Google Calendar

I’m serious: the calendar has a very important role in scholarship applications. You have many things to think of: tests, university, accommodation, preparations… on top of everything, you have to keep track of scholarship application deadlines.

Remember that list or Pinterest board where you collected the programs you want to compete for? Check the application deadlines and note them down in your calendar. Note them down in red and set reminders at least two weeks ahead.

Most scholarship programs require you to send letters of recommendation, financial records, transcripts, and many other documents. You need to have all documentation ready to go at least one week before the deadline. Staying organized is crucial at this point.

4. Focus!

Do you know where most students make a mistake? Do you know where I made a mistake when applying for scholarship? I kept sending the same motivational letter and same documents to few programs. Then, I got an email from one of those programs, saying that the documentation was incomplete. I thought: “This is my future we’re talking about. How can I fail to follow directions?”

The eligibility requirements of the scholarship programs are different. You shouldn’t waste your time on scholarships you don’t have a chance to win.

Read the application instructions very carefully and write a new motivational letter every single time. Do you know why that’s important? Some scholarship programs award talented students, so you need to show your talents. Others put intelligence first, so you’ll have to write a witty letter that shows how bright you are. Many scholarship programs are focused on the future, so you have to explain how that money will help you become someone important. Some programs ask you to follow a precise essay topic.

5. Present Yourself as a Great Candidate

The application letter is everything! You’ll need to write about yourself, your passions, interests, and goals for the future. Make sure this essay fits the requirements of the program! Here’s the general rule to follow whenever you’re writing a scholarship application essay: it should show who you are, where you come from, and where your future is heading to. Show how this scholarship will help not only you, but society as well. You’ll make contributions that make you worthy of financial support.

Ask someone to read the letter and give you feedback. If necessary, hire an online editing service to make it as perfect as possible.

The Opportunities Are Out There!

When you start searching for scholarships, you’ll realize there’s something for everyone. Governments, organizations, and individuals are willing to support the future of society through the scholarships they provide. There are many opportunities out there; you just need to grab the right ones!