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trends in modern education

Top 10 Trends in Education in 2018

We live in the era of change. Modern, innovative approaches are present in every major field, including education. Nowadays, things are even more confusing for the students; there are so many paths they could take that it’s becoming overwhelming! Choosing the correct path becomes more accessible when you have the right tools at hand. Today, …

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technology tools in the classroom

10 Technology Tools That Can Be Used in the Classroom

Technology has a powerful impact on our world. The online market is quickly expanding, with many available opportunities for its users. One of the newest, best features coming into sight is the digital classroom. Now students and teachers have the chance to use technology as a tool for expanding their high-tech knowledge (and not only!). …

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popular college majors

Top 11 Most Popular College Majors in Australia

Are you asking yourself “What can I study in college?” Well, you are not the only one. College majors and where they lead you are a big deal and a big decision in one’s life. This is why many struggle with making the same choice. But, what does major mean in college? To truly understand …

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types of college students

10 Types of Students You Meet in College

When you spread your wings and leave the nest to go to university, expect some major changes in your life. The microcosm that forms the university classroom may be different from what you got used to at school. There are various types of students in a classroom. They may display 1 or a combination of …

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Australia flag

Top 10 Most Popular Colleges among Students in Australia

When foreign students think about the education in Australia, they usually think of universities. Not all of them know that colleges also exist in this country, but they are slightly different than the colleges in the USA. Colleges in Australia cannot grant degrees. That’s the university’s role. Students go to college when they want to …

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bonding with your classmates

7 Cool Ways to Bond with Your Classmates

Some of the tips seem a little strange, they don’t seem cool at all, but the “Cool” thing about these tips is not the process…it is the result.

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