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drinking coffee while studying

Since Facebook exists, it is hard to know what is true and what is not. Are you tired of reading Facebook posts about the curative properties of cannabis? Are you tired of reading the same posts about the health benefits of smoking cannabis that are posted by the same people who demonize smoking cigarettes? The same people who banned cigarette smoking indoors are the same people pushing for legalized cannabis smoking bars.

There are just as many people who are attacking coffee drinking, but let’s look at it logically. People in the USA are massive coffee consumers, so if coffee were so bad, then why aren’t people in the USA dropping like flies? It is the same as people who claim that white bread is bad for you. Humans have been eating bread for 5000 years, and we are now supposed to believe that eating bread is a mistake? Is it that we are supposed to live to 300yrs old, but we have been eating bread, so we only live to 80? This article pushes aside the hokum you have read on Facebook and gives you the true pros and cons of drinking coffee while studying.

Pros – It Can Push You Through Your Tiredness

Let’s say you have been gearing yourself up to work all day, you have told yourself that when you get back to your dorm you are going to study like Elon Musk had a baby with Vos Savant and created you. But, when you get back to your dorm you are sleepy, you open a PDF file with your college content on it and you feel tired. Drink a coffee, and life starts to feel a little brighter and cleaner. You are suddenly able to get your studying done and all is right with the world.

Cons – It Can Push You Through Your Tiredness

As you go through life, you will learn that life often gives with one hand and takes with the other. When you feel tired, it is your body telling you that you need sleep. If you ignore your tired feelings, then you overwork yourself. You drink coffee when you are tired, and after a while you feel fine, but your body is actually slowing, becoming less motivated, and is becoming less self-aware as it becomes more and more overworked. Your efficiency drops to stupidly low levels, but you still feel fine and cannot understand why there are not enough hours in the day. If you are tired, you should sleep, even if it is just for a few hours. The problem is that some students waste their day and then figure that they have to do some studying today otherwise it is a wasted day, so they down some coffee and overwork their body so that they are less efficient for the rest of the week.

Pros – It Feels Great

Coffee does have a way of making you feel pumped and ready to do your work. The feeling you get is great, and the effect it has on you is fantastic. You are feeling the release of adrenaline, which increases your metabolism, heart rate, your alertness, and even helps flush your body of toxin through each stimulation of glands that are not used as often as they should be. Drinking coffee creates a nice feeling that many people enjoy.


Cons – It Feels Okay

Coffee gives you sugar and caffeine, and caffeine is a drug, which means you can build a tolerance. People who have coffee too much will not experience that “Great” feeling. In fact, people who have coffee too much will “Need” coffee to “Get them back to normal.” They actually feel lousy because they don’t have coffee, and that means you are in pretty poor shape. If it gets to the point where coffee doesn’t make you feel great, then you need to knock it off for a good long while because your body is nearing an addition. You need to get back to a place where you feel fine on your own without needing coffee to feel fine.

Pros – It Helps You Burn Fat

Despite what you read, caffeine does help you burn fat because it raises your metabolism. The big argument is that once your metabolism peaks, you put on fat when your metabolism swings in the opposite direct. However, this is only true if you eat during the trough.

To put it another way. Let’s say you drink coffee and you start burning fat because your metabolism has sped up. Then, after a few hours your metabolism slows, and you start to feel tired. You only put on weight if you start eating to make yourself feel better. If you steer clear of food for the rest of the day, then the weight-loss will remain.

Cons – It Burns Through Your Bones

Caffeine is metabolized using calcium to become adrenaline, which is what powers your caffeine high. The use of cream or milk in your coffee helps to offset this use of calcium, but the fact remains that your body uses up calcium when you drink coffee. If you drink too much and if you binge on coffee, then your body cannot produce as much adrenaline, so your body experiences less of a high when you drink coffee. However, if you keep using it, then your body is put under pressure to produce, so your body starts breaking down your bones. That is why business persons who lived through the 80’s and 90s coffee craze are now in their 60s and 70s breaking their hips wherever they go. It is because their bones are brittle from years of coffee consumption.

Conclusion – Everything in Moderation

If you are going to take note of anything written in this article, then take note of the point that says you shouldn’t drink coffee when you are tired. Tiredness is your body’s way of telling you that you need sleep. Drinking coffee because you are tired is not a good thing. Think of coffee as more like a stimulant, and not as a way to push through tiredness. On all the other points, just remember that what you read on social media is often promoted by people who have something to gain from you thinking their way. The people who claim that babies scream when they are aborted, or the people who claim that childhood inoculations are the cause of all major diseases, are all trying to make money by spreading ignorance.

The next time you read a post that says coffee causes Alzheimer, or coffee causes cancer, or that coffee is the cure for obesity, think hard about who is posting it and why they are posting such illogical posts. Coffee has its good and bad side like all things have their good and bad side. The Christian bible is the reason we have a civilized and prosperous western civilization, but some crusaders took its teachings a little too far and went on a murder binge. The car helped create a society where people get to live in relative comfort and safety, but drivers also accidentally kill hundreds each year. Everything has its good and bad points, so try to be as objective as you can the next time you read about coffee.