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There’s no doubt that graduating from high school and moving on to college is one of the biggest steps of your early life. Not only does it mean a step up in terms of the level of education that you will be receiving, but it also means a huge step up in terms of independence away from your family home. In Australia, it is now more common than ever for high school students to learn to drive and attain their license as soon as they come of age, but it is not until you get to university that you truly understand the benefits and advantages of being able to drive a car. Here are just a few of the reasons why learning to drive a car before you get to university is the right way to do about it.

1. Freedom 

High school students who cannot drive usually depend on their parents or their driving friends to take from place to place in their home towns, and this is a perfectly valid option when you are living at home and amongst your best friends. However, when you move away to university, you lose this free taxi service and might find yourself without the kind of easy transportation that you once enjoyed. The best way to avoid this problem is to get your driver’s license before you move away. If you are worried about finances, you don’t actually have to buy a car whilst you are still at home and don’t need one, but the ability to drive is a precious one, and once you have your license, you can then think about buying a car when the time comes that you might finally need one of your own.

2. Employment

The vast majority of university students also work a part time job in order to cover many of their expenses along the way. If you are in possession of a car and can drive to any destination near your uni, then this opens up many more employment opportunities to you compared to if you had to narrow your job search to the nearest bus routes. Having the freedom to be able to travel far from campus for good job opportunities not only helps you financially but can also lead to building better connections for after graduation.

3. Responsibility

Being able to drive whilst in university gives you a slightly more responsible edge than those who can’t. You might be called upon to be a designated driver on more than one occasion, but this is a great thing to do as it means that you are providing a safe mode of transport for friends whilst also being able to enjoy the party.

4. Better Future Outlook

The world of job hunting can be extremely difficult post-university for a person who still does not know how to drive. Unless you live in a city where extensive public transportsystems remove the distance problem, it is very unlikely that you are going to find a full-time job that you enjoy so close to your home. To eliminate this problem, it is highly recommended that you learn to drive either before attending university or during your time there. Learning to drive whilst at universities can be an enjoyable and effective time to achieve this life goal, as students are often left with periods of free time that could be taken up with important driving lessons.

5. Ease Of Travel    

Knowing how to drive whilst in university gives you a feeling of complete independence. It is likely that you will be away from your hometown and family during this time, and there will be occasions where you feel the urge to go and visit them at short notice. If you have a car, then these impromptu trips can be made with very little effort, no plane tickets, no bus tickets, no train tickets, just jump behind the wheel and go wherever it is that you need to go. For shorter journeys and errands, not having to rely on public transport can also be a great time saver and money saver.