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popular university majors in Australia

Choosing the right major when you go to university can play a vital role in your future career. Many jobs require you to have taken specific subjects at uni, so if you have a particular career in mind then you need to make sure you know what is required, before you choose your university and major. Many subjects are popular because of their usefulness in finding employment, but of course that means that you’re bound to have a lot of competition for places. However, if you’re really determined to get one of these places, you stand as good a chance as anyone else if you have the right grades and an excellent application:



It’s really no surprise that business courses are always popular. If you major in business, you are giving yourself the foundation for any number of careers. You could even work internationally, which is a great option for anyone who wants to see more of the world and be paid for it. Many business courses include the opportunity to do internships or paid work experience during vacations, or even as part of the course. Business departments have links with local and national companies, so this can give you a heads up when you’re beginning your career search towards the end of your course. If you’re ambitious and want to be a success, business courses could be the one for you.



If you’re looking for a future-proof career, then nursing is a good prospect. Technology hasn’t yet replaced humans and probably won’t in the next few decades, so nurses will still be needed. It also offers good scope for career progression and specialisation, so you can choose to work with younger or older patients, in oncology, surgery, occupational health … the list of specialities is a very long one. Bear in mind that nursing is a tough job, and you generally don’t go into nursing for the money. But it can also be an incredibly rewarding job if you are a ‘people person’ and have a very caring nature.



Science and technology play an ever-greater part in our lives, and therefore offer a great number of career opportunities. There’s a reason why science was the most popular choice for students at Victoria in 2016/17. It offers a wide range of subjects, and is an excellent choice for anyone with a methodical mind, who loves research, and enjoys finding solutions to problems.



Teaching is another future-proof career, as every year there is a new intake of children. So, unless the birth rate falls dramatically you’re not likely to run out of pupils! And you can teach every age from the first year at school to adult learners. In spite of what some people claim, teaching is not an easy career and the long holidays are likely to be at least partly spent on preparing material for the next term and catching up on marking. But for anyone who seeks a vocation rather than a pay check, teaching can be immensely rewarding as you see pupils improving, growing in confidence, and discovering an enthusiasm for your subject.



This is an incredibly important subject for all of us – concerning an understanding of disease and how to treat it. Medical advances are rapidly increasing, and many diseases that were once fatal are now becoming manageable and treatable. So if you study biomedicine, you are contributing to public health and helping to treat, or even cure, serious disorders. It may be a slow process at times, but there can’t be many careers more satisfying than that.



The arts covers a very wide range of subjects, so it may seem silly to lump them all in the same category. But universities like Monash and Melbourne receive a huge number of applications for arts subjects. You can study literature, languages, history, classics, and many more. It’s a good choice if you want to study for the love of learning, and don’t have a particular aim in mind. However, arts subjects may be seen as less employable, although the writing and analytical skills you pick up over the duration of the course can be applied to many jobs.