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what to wear to university to look smart

Going to university is one of the biggest and best experiences of any young person’s life, and it also involves a lot more than you might expect. Of course, there is all of the academic pressure, the essay writing, the studying, the attending multiple classes, but there is also another element of the university experience that is much less talked about, and that is the effect that your fashion choices can have on your time there. When you are new to a university and new to whole bunch of people, you naturally want to try to make the best first impression possible, and you can definitely do this by being careful and picky about what kinds of fashion choices you make. Allow us to help to make the best impression on both your new college friends and your new teachers but providing you with all the tips of the trade to look smart and be confident in what you wear at university.

1. Correct Sizes

It is important to make sure that you wear clothes that really fit you properly. There is a time and a place for big baggy jumpers and shapeless tracksuit bottoms, but the university classroom shouldn’t be it. If you are wearing clothing that fits you well and accentuates all your best features in a striking, professional manner, then you will be more eye-catching to both your peers and your professors. This will give you the confidence boost that you need to do your very best work throughout the day.

2. Fun Colours

Don’t mope around the university halls in bland browns and invisible blacks, try to wear colours that will help you to stand out from the crowd in a fashionable way. Have you ever noticed how the smartest and most respected academics always seems to be able to pull off those quirky outfits that contain cool pops of colour? Well, you may as well start emulating them at university if you want to reach their level!

3. Be on Trend

Just because you are attending classes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be on trend! The more fashionable you look at university, the more inspired and enthusiastic you will feel to continue to do your best in every other aspect. When you know that you look good in an appropriate way, you feel on top of the world and your peers will notice this too. We’re not talking being dressed for the runway, but rather celebrating the best in student chic.

4. Accessories

You should find accessories that are both fashionable and functional for the university experience. The first things that come to mind are a great wristwatch, an homage to style but also helpful when rushing between classes, and a great bag that elevates your style profile but also has the functional capability of being able to hold all your books and other essentials. If you are a glasses wearer, then it’s worth investing in a new, on-trend pair, because you will definitely be getting the most out of them over the course of your university career.

5. Comfortable Shoes

Once again, you want to be smart and fashionable, but you also want to be practical, and footwear is an important part of this. Six-inch heels might look good on a night out, but they don’t really have a place in the classroom, both for comfort reasons and for appropriate style reasons. You can still exude intellect and confidence in a flat shoe, perhaps a smart pair of pumps instead of your old trusty trainers. They are equally as comfortable for getting around campus all day, but they put across a slightly more mature and intelligent visual impression.

6. Neat Hair

We know that students want to get as much sleep as possible, but that is no reason to be turning up to your university classes with a bed head! Taking care of your hair is something that can turn you from looking dishevelled to professional in an instant, so always make sure to style it nicely before leaving for your classes.