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Australia is hugely popular with international students; in fact, among English-speaking countries, only the US and the UK attract more foreign students. In 2015, almost 650,000 students from countries as far apart as Brazil and Korea came to Australia to undertake a course. By far the greatest number was from China, with 170,000 students. But why do so many choose to come to Australia? What makes the country so appealing to overseas students?


One of the major draws for students from other countries is that Australia is an English-speaking country. It therefore offers a huge number of English language courses for speakers of other languages, so makes an ideal destination for anyone who wishes to improve their English. In addition, those who already speak English can easily study in an Australian institution without the language difficulties that would arise in other countries.

Quality of education

The Australian education system is highly regarded around the world. In addition, Australian degrees are recognised globally. This is something that every student should bear in mind if they wish to study overseas, as they could be wasting their time and money in obtaining qualifications that will not be recognised in other countries.

More affordable

It’s true that it’s expensive to study as an overseas student, but this can be offset to some extent by the fact that a student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours a week. This is not always the case for foreign students in other countries. Being able to work can also be invaluable if you are able to work in a relevant field to your studies. There are also plenty of jobs available that will fit in with a student timetable.


If you are lucky enough to obtain a place at an Australian university, you can benefit from the prestige that comes from being one of their graduates. Some Australian institutions are ranked among the best in the world. For example, the QS World University Ranking puts five of them in the top 50 worldwide. First among these is the Australian National University, ranking 20 among 1,000 institutions.

Variety of courses

If you wish to study a particular subject, especially if it is very specialised, it may be difficult to find a suitable course in your home country. The huge size of Australia and the number of educational institutions makes it easier to find an appropriate course that meets your requirements.

Climate & culture

Australia’s climate and diversity makes it a big draw, particularly to students who would prefer to avoid the chillier climate of the UK but still study at an English-speaking university. The country is also renowned for being a friendly, relaxed place with many international influences, and its attractive countryside and interesting cities are also appealing.

Tech subjects

If you want to study technology, then Australia can be an excellent option. The country places high value on science and technology, and invests considerable resources into educational facilities. Research and development is a major sector.

Quality of life

When you study at an Australian institution, you can enjoy a very good quality of life. Choosing a city-based university or college means that you have access to extensive cultural facilities, as well as restaurants and bars. If you’re at university, the campus will also have its own facilities for the students. You’ll be able to have a very good social life and make plenty of friends from all over the globe.

Career prospects

Obtaining Australian qualifications can also be extremely promising for your career. With the reputation of the Australian education system behind you, you’ll have a qualification that is really worth having. And given that further or higher education aren’t cheap, you really need to make that investment pay. Qualifications from other countries may not be internationally recognised, but in Australia you’ll get a degree or diploma that’s definitely worth having.


As a ‘young’ country, it’s not surprising that Australia has residents and visitors from all over the world. So if you come here to study from another country, you’ll not only find people from your own country, but also get to meet others from many different countries. This creates an environment in which everyone can feel at home, and also offer you a rich experience that opens your world up.